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Главная » 2015 » Октябрь » 14 » Teen runs away from home claiming to be an alien prince
Teen runs away from home claiming to be an alien prince

A 13-year-old boy from Changsha in China’s Hunan Province ran away from home, after leaving a letter claiming that he was returning to his home star, where he is a 139-year-old prince.

In the letter he wrote to his parents last Sunday, Lei Zhihong declared that he was actually the Star and Night Prince of Bisuomu, an alien star 600 billion light years away from the Earth.

The letter added that the couple’s child had died in kindergarten and he had disguised himself to look like the child, after his spaceship was forced to land on Earth.

Zhihong further wrote that he now had to return to his home star now, because "something wrong” had happened in his noble family, and his people were waiting for him to liberate them.

"I’m not a kid, and I think you Earth people are really wordy,” Zhihong moaned a bit after revealing that he was actually 139 years old. "But still, thank you for your care, Mommy and Daddy. I didn’t even know what clothes and food were when I first arrived here,” the letter adds.

Like how all the farewell letters are composed, Zhihong told his parents never to look for him, and warned them not to reveal his real identity to others.

Moreover, he even left a line of strange, unrecognizable marks at the end of the letter, according to Xiaoxiang Morning News.

Leaving the letter behind, Zhihong then disappeared with a black backpack and around 100 yuan (15.76 US dollars) in cash. His anxious parents immediately called the police, and have been searching for him all over the village. So far, their search has proven unsuccessful.

Although the parents say that they aren’t quite sure why the boy ran away, they suspect it was because they took away his iPad the other day, meaning that he could no longer play the games that he would otherwise play at home.

As for the letter, the boy’s mother thinks it could have something to do with the sci-fi novel that they had recently bought for him.

The boy’s imaginative farewell letter has gone viral on social media, with many saying that his talent has blown their minds.

"Here you are my prince! I’ve had a hard time searching for you,” commented @Damengchuxingdezhangdaxi, who implied himself to be one of the people of Star and Night Prince’s.

"This is a masterpiece!” admired @Bidongbidonghuifaguang.

Meanwhile, netizens are also expressing their wish for the boy to come back to his Earth home soon.

"Do remember to come back to Earth to liberate your parents! They are worried!” said @Yiyuzhenghuanzheztl.

"The next chapter of this letter would be: Prince of Bisuomu gets a good beating from his parents.” @Hahaha-qinmeimei-

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