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Главная » 2015 » Июнь » 23 » Your Personal Tour Guide and Driver in Moscow, Russia
Your Personal Tour Guide and Driver in Moscow, Russia

Moscow is a spectacular city that has it all: cultural and historical landmarks, modern architecture, gorgeous cathedrals, lush parks, and much, much more. However, the size of the capital is such that it is practically impossible to see the sights, or even get from one place to the next in a short amount of time.

Private Moscow tour guide and personal driver Arthur Lookyanov
The capital is too huge and the traffic – too horrible. That is why you need to enlist the help of a local who knows all the sights, all the streets, and all the secrets of Russian tourism by heart. My name is Arthur Lookyanov (Artur Lukyanov), I am an English-speaking Moscow Native, a driver, a guide, and a photographer, who is ready to offer you my services and help make your visit a worthwhile one.


 A guide to show you all the wonders of the city

Do you want to visit Moscow and see all the sights? I can be your personal guide! I know all the well-known and lesser known sights of interest and am ready to share them with you. No longer will you need a tourist guidebook to learn about all the cultural and historical landmarks of this spectacular Russian capital. I will help you chose what to visit in Moscow in accordance with your interests. For those who are entranced by the city nightlife, or are simply too busy working during the day, I have prepared a "Moscow tour at night”. Those who want to see cultural, historical, and religious sights will find the "Tours of the Golden Ring of Russia” most enthralling. I can even show you that Moscow has a natural side, with my "Tours of Moscow’s Majestic countryside”. All of those, and of course the main Moscow tourist attractions such as the Red square, mausoleum, St. Basil’s Cathedral, necropolis, and numerous other diverse and interesting sights are available to you. You will not need to navigate the complex Moscow traffic or try to find your way through the bizarrely named streets – I will be your personal guide and driver, and will take you to all the interesting tourist attractions in Moscow.

A driver to take you anywhere you need to go

As soon as you get to Moscow, you will realize the vast size of the city and the complexity of the transport system. In fact, most people living and working in Moscow spend hours each day sitting in public transport, or else traffic jams. I can provide an alternative option and be your personal driver. I will take you anywhere you need to go whether it is for your business or pleasure. If you need to be picked you up at the airport and taken to your hotel or driven from one meeting to the next, you will not need to get a taxi in Moscow. Price for my services is much more affordable. I know all the fastest and most interesting routes and can help you get to your meeting, or place of interest on time. In addition to being your private driver, I can also help you deal with everyday tasks, such as finding a hotel, booking tickets, and speaking to a Russian native.

A photographer to document the moment

Besides being a megalopolis, Moscow is also an incredibly beautiful place to see. If you go on one of my Moscow sightseeing tours you will see such spectacular places that you will, without a doubt, want to freeze the moment and remember it forever with the help of a photograph. Although most of us have cameras and camera phones that make it possible to snap a picture on the go, those photographs do not always turn out as high quality as we want them to be. If you want to immortalize the moment with a beautiful professionally taken image, you can enlist my photo services. I am a photographer with all the technological and artistic knowledge necessary to create a professional photo. My knowledge of all of the picturesque and interesting spots will help you find a perfect place for your Moscow photoshoot, and leave you with photos you can reminisce over for years to come.

With Best Regards from Moscow, Russia

Arthur Lookyanov

Private Guide & Personal Driver


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