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I cannot respond to your comment because your reply is turned off. You bring up good questions, but I need to be able to reply to you. Jesus never uses the word pineal, but he gives us all the other information about your eye being single and it being full of light. He says EYE am and the Greek for "I" literally looks like the English word EYE. When he says the whole body will be full of light, he is quoting Enoch who said that the Christ body's light and its brilliance in the stars is measured by righteousness. And, that we eahc have our own star in heaven. ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Hypothesis | Просмотров: 663 | Добавил: СМЕРШ | Дата: 14.06.2015 | Комментарии (0)

An earth-shattering 9.8 earthquake is coming this week! At least according to your weird uncle’s Facebook page. The Big One is supposed to hit this Thursday, May 28th, thanks to a planetary alignment predicted by Nostradamus and some random guy in the Netherlands. Except that it’s all bullshit. ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Hypothesis | Просмотров: 645 | Добавил: СМЕРШ | Дата: 28.05.2015 | Комментарии (0)

Why are they killing babies? For what crime? Who do they work for? What is their mission? I may not have answers to all of these questions, but I know the NWO wants to depopulate the planet.”This is a must see video! God is giving his final warnings, and wake up calls in America. ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Hypothesis | Просмотров: 660 | Добавил: СМЕРШ | Дата: 27.05.2015 | Комментарии (0)

Is the end near? Is it really not an end but a change? Will your family suffer because of it? Tom Horn takes on these troubling issues in his May '15 interview with Josh Tolley.
Категория: Hypothesis | Просмотров: 502 | Добавил: СМЕРШ | Дата: 26.05.2015 | Комментарии (0)

Guys, I don’t think Robin Williams really died. Here’s what I think happened: I think Robin just wanted to start his life over somewhere else so he faked his own death by suicide and snuck away to Germany. ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Hypothesis | Просмотров: 555 | Добавил: СМЕРШ | Дата: 26.05.2015 | Комментарии (0)

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