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Frightmove: 'Ghost' spotted in snap taken at 'haunted' house spooked mum into fleeing in terror

Lekeisha Davis was given a scare when she spotted the image of a little boy in a picture taken at the house in Liverpool, which is now listed for rent on Rightmove

A mum who lived in a 'haunted' house has relived the horrifying moment she ran out of the property "terrified" after spotting a ghostly apparition in a photo of her son.

Yesterday the Liverpool ECHO reported that a house on Pickwick Street, Toxteth, was up for rent, described by the Rightmove listing website as a site of ‘paranormal activity’.

Now, a former tenant claims to have captured the ghost on film after taking a picture of her son in the house.

Lekeisha Davis, 26, lived in the house for three years with two young children and had always suspected there was something spooky about the property.

After taking a picture of her son the mum of two says she noticed what appears to be a little boy in the background of the photo.

She said: "If you look at the photo, it looks like there’s a little boy in the background. He’s facing the wall.

"It was spooky because it was only myself and my son in the house. There was no one else here.”

Local paranormal expert Tom Slemen claims there are reports of a 135-year-old poltergeist haunting various houses in the street.

He said that the ‘violent spirit’ had even gone as far as to lift a woman out of her bed, and shook a house so much that one tenant thought it was going to collapse.

The experience left the 26-year-old unable to sleep in her own room after spending three years living there.

She said: "I’ve always believed in ghosts, my nan used to tell me all about them but I’d never been scared of them.

"I wouldn’t sleep in my own room in the house though as I always felt uneasy in there, I didn’t like going over to it.

"It was a cold house and I used to spend a fortune on gas - and now I realise that’s probably because of the ghost.”

Mum of two Lekeisha moved into the Toxteth property as her first home, but claims that living with what she believes is a ghost ruined the experience for her.

She says she would hear unexplained noises and on one occasion claims a drinks bottle was flung across the room independently.

She said: "On one occasion my daughter Mikiela was shouting and screaming for me, and when I went upstairs she said someone had slammed her door shut and it frightened her.

"Another time my mum and sister were there and a Lucozade bottle just flew across the room on its own.

"At the time you don’t piece these things together but I have never felt easy in that house and I didn’t like it so I decided to move out.”

Lekeisha says she was shocked to read about her former home and how it was up for rent and described as haunted on property website Rightmove.

She said: "I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it in the ECHO. I have been saying for years that the house was haunted. I phoned my mum straight away.”

Local paranormal expert Tom Slemen revealed: "There have been stories about a very unusual poltergeist on Pickwick Street that date back to the 1880s.

"A landlady connected to the letting of Number 69, a Mrs Euphemia Nimlock, was also lifted out of her bed by the same violent spirit and, and another neighbour Ismael Jones (Number 70) was under the impression the house was going to collapse because of the vibrations.”
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