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HAARP: PNG Earthquake, Japanese Volcano, Pacific Northwest Storms

HAARP Status Network continued showing very high amounts of frequency readings across the Ring Of Fire and Pacific Northwest and ever since then there has been some wild weather, earthquake, and volcanic activity. Read no for those details.

1. The Pacific Northwest saw numerous thunderstorms on Friday, August 14, 2015. Thunderstorms rages across Portland,OR and Seattle, WA. A pink alert was in effect days before this hit.

2. Furthermore the prediction of Seismic activity came true with Japan’s Volcanoes going up violently and still about to even more.

3. More predictions came true with a powerful 6.7 Quake in the PNG region of the Southwest Pacific.

4. San Francisco saw a 4.0 quake… while not dangerous … sizable within the window as the red alert was present.

What’s next? Readings continue to show the highest amount across Japan and fading amounts across the Western USA.
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