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Tesla's "369" The Secret to the Universe

I cannot respond to your comment because your reply is turned off. You bring up good questions, but I need to be able to reply to you. Jesus never uses the word pineal, but he gives us all the other information about your eye being single and it being full of light. He says EYE am and the Greek for "I" literally looks like the English word EYE. When he says the whole body will be full of light, he is quoting Enoch who said that the Christ body's light and its brilliance in the stars is measured by righteousness. And, that we eahc have our own star in heaven.

I haven't really gotten my head around this, although I am very interested. I can say that I have confirmations to things that I trust, when I hear what you're presenting, I get that. What I mean, when I was a child possibly 3 or 4 years old, I knew where the sky ended. This is firing off other memories as I write this. It wasn't what science told me later, and I wrote about that in a rhyme, but it was the INNOCENT view, and I'm thinking now, the correct one. I could see where the sky ended, because it was a blue sphere. I surmised this as a child. Matter of fact, I was upset, telling my father that the airplanes were scratching the sky. I could see the dissolving white scratches form behind the planes, and it made me mad that these pilots were messing up the sky. Funny, but that was before geoengineering had been used as a holographic screen, and even then I didn't trust the pilots in those machines. ; )The topic of the rhyme that I wrote had to do with questioning, why logic crowded innocence out of the way. There is wonder in innocent observation, and when we get the "logical" answers, and are told with every means possible that this is true and accepted everywhere, our old ideas are dismissed by our "influenced" minds. We have NO MORE WONDER, it's been removed. We have it all figured out, so there's nothing more to wonder about.
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