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Biblical miracles and science: the mysteries than explanations

Assumed that scientists are extremely busy people. However, we can assume that some of them, no, no, yes find a moment to read the other best-sellers. Such as "The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. How else to explain the desire to uncover the secrets of the Bible with science ...

Jesus walked on water is not as well on the ice, he decided to Doron Nof of Florida University. In his view, the totality of the rarest of climatic conditions could lead to the surface of the Sea of Galilee invisible ice, able to withstand the weight of the person. In this case, at a distance of ice would have been negligible, and outside observers had the impression that Christ is really walking on water.

According to the study of climate in the northern parts of modern Israel, the temperature dropped to -4 degrees Celsius for two days during one of the two cold periods of 2500-1500 years ago. This weather phenomenon coincided with the lifetime of Jesus Christ.

By reducing the temperature could indeed form a floating section of ice above the saline flows from the western shore of the lake near the town of Tabga. There has been done many archaeological discoveries related to Jesus Christ.

Nof believes that over the last 120 centuries, the probability of such a combination of weather conditions in Lake Kinneret is 1 in 1000. But during the time period when Jesus lived like a floating ice could be formed once every 30-60 years. According to the scientist, this ice would be very difficult to discern, particularly if its surface was smoothed by rain.

In 1990 Doron Nof has advanced the controversial deal to interpretation of one of the episodes of the exodus of Jews from Egypt . Scholars have argued that it is possible to give a rational explanation for the fact that the water in the Red Sea for some time parted, allowing people, led by Moses, away from the pursuit of Egyptian army. According to researchers, this unusual phenomenon was probably triggered by features of the winds and sea currents.

Moreover, British researchers from the Royal Society of Medicine concluded that one of the most significant symbols of Christianity, may be erroneous. We are talking about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ .

Usually depicted Christ nailed hands and feet to the cross with outstretched arms and head upward.

Now, scientists have argued that there is no evidence that Christ was crucified in this manner. They argue that the image of the Crucifixion has never had sufficient evidence of the existence. The authors do not dispute the fact of the Crucifixion. In their view, Christ could be crucified in other ways, which inevitably lead to death.

Methods crucifixion established thousands of years and depended on the social status of the victim and the crime they committed.Cross itself can be installed in a variety of options, the victim could reside not only head up, but down as well as in other positions. Sometimes the victim may have been nailed through the hands and feet, and even the genitals, with outstretched arms on the sides of the cross. Sometimes they are tied with ropes, not nails.

Crucifixion as a form of punishment was widespread among the Romans. This penalty is often applied to criminals and rebels. Fulfill this punishment by the Roman soldiers, and none survived after that.

The researchers note that detailed descriptions of the crucifixion of Christ, which would be plausible to modern realities of Christ's life, there is not one of the Gospels - of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Only one archaeological find evidence of the crucifixion. It is associated with the name of a young Jew. Inscriptions in the tomb with the bones found near the site of Givat a-Mitvar in Israel, suggests that his name was Jerome Ben Agol. At the site of his "grave" was found 11.5-inch iron nail that had clearly been beaten with a hammer in his heel when he was attached to the cross. But there is no evidence that nails were driven into the bone the wrist or forearm of the man.

At this motivated the researchers did not stop. They are no longer haunted by the phenomenon of stigmata, randomly appearing in person trickles of blood on the hands, feet and forehead - in the places where he was wounded by Jesus during the crucifixion.

- For two thousand years of Christ's wounds were marked by more than 300 people - says theologian, Ph.D. Anastasia Shatskaya. - And they had the stigmata of a variety of shape and depth. Annals show that they are in the form of build-up, deep, sometimes cutting bleeding wounds, as well as small red spots, like bruises. Encountered stigmata round, oblong, oval or even rectangular shape. In addition, many states stigmatikov deformation of one shoulder, as if dropped under the weight of a huge cross.

Although stigma exposed mostly deeply religious people, wounds of Christ, oddly enough, appear in individuals is not religious. Modern science does not deny the existence of the phenomenon stigmatizma, believing that it is based on some not yet fully studied the properties of the human psyche. Scientists believe that the cause of the wounds were self-hypnosis, psychological and emotional predisposition of some people to learn from the pain of Christ. convincing explanation for this phenomenon has yet been found .

Church of the miracles associated with the appearance of stigmata of bleeding or mystical, is not welcomed. In the XVI century Council of Trent Catholic Church called this phenomenon "tricks of Satan." But for ordinary parishioners stigmata always a sign of purity and perfection.

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