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From ancient times a man cannot stay in one place. Unknown countries and mysterious continents and worlds attract a man’s nature, and that is wonderful, because without this torment sense Amerigo Vespucci, Christopher Columbus and Magellan could not make their mark on history. They can be bravely ranked not only the great discoverers but ordinary tourists, who wanted moves.

Today the market of touristic services is so diverse and widespread that it is very easy for a common tourist to get lost in the infinite succession of country names, firms and hotels. And if in the school years, he did not very diligently studied geography, Peopletravel Company is pleased to help navigate the vast present-day world, invite to Uzbekistan and to demonstrate its uniqueness.

Have you ever been treated with watermelons and melons at New Year table? Have you ever seen bright green grass in November? And have you ever tasted juicy ripe big raspberry at the end of October? It is doubtful whether you have answered these questions affirmatively. If so, you just need to visit Uzbekistan with Peopletravel Company best prices and service to ensure that this is possible.

Uzbekistan is a country of contrasts, where deserts are close to blessed oases; where majestic mountains are looking at themselves in the reflection of water smooth of sleepy lakes and storming rivers; where modern Tashkent borders on villages among fields planted with cottonwoods; where on one street trendy cars and old bullock carts run into each other; where glamour luxury of large supermarkets is competing with efficiency of traditional Uzbek bazaars, where you can buy all the same as in stores, but at a much more competitive price. Then hurry to Uzbekistan, where as nowhere welcome any guest.

Indeed there are many reasons due to you should book tours around Uzbekistan. So, that is the list of several main reasons.

The first reason of attractiveness tourism in Uzbekistan is open-air town-museums. Regarding the monuments one can say without exaggeration that Samarkand. Bukhara and Khiva are in the lead among the cities of Central Asia.

A man who for the first time has visited Samarkand has the clear sensation, that he has been caught on the verge of two epochs: ancient civilization and modern one. Taxi and high-speed buses run the streets, in the depth of which old madrasahs and architectural ensembles are located.

Holly Bukhara! This town for many centuries has been the shelter for such intellects of antiquity as Narshakhi, Rudaki, Dakiki, Ibn Sina. But the most significant town is Khiva with its unique historic center Ichan-Kala. Here family dynasties in the eyes of the amazed public demonstrate crafts that could be considered lost forever, if not the dedication of these people to their cause.

These cities made a significant contribution to the trade, exchange of scientific knowledge and achievements in the field of culture. Thanks to this, Uzbekistan is a country on the territory of which the development of science and culture had began since ancient times.

Uzbekistan engrosses the attention of the world not only for its numerous ancient historical and architectural monuments, but also rich nature.

Here due to the special geographic location of the country the modern comfort and wild nature are well combined. Almost all diversities of nature landscape are on the territory of Uzbekistan. Mountains, deserts, oases, rivers, steppes are covered with ancient misty. All this evoke the particular mood, opening slightly the great ancientry.

Wonderful mountain resorts of Uzbek land focus guests’ attention. Chimgan, Beldersay and Zaamin are worth visiting. These wonderful places on beauty and scale can be compared with the Alps in Switzerland.

And what could be more interesting than the Aral Sea? Till the exsiccation the Aral Sea was the fourth sea on size in the world. The problem of drying the Aral began to be evident from 1960-s of the XX century, when the level of the sea and its water capacity began to descent because of water intake from main nourishing rivers - the Amudarya and Syrdarya. Today the shrinking Aral Sea was spent on 100 km. from its former coastline near the Muinak town in Uzbekistan. The disappearance of the Aral Sea adversely affects the whole environmental science of the region. Many organisms inhabited waters and shores of the Aral Sea died away. At the same time the climate became more continental. The shipping stopped, because water subsided at many kilometers from main local ports: Aralsk in the North and Muinak in the South. The exposed bottom turned into the desert, called the Aralkum desert. And ships and other boats that once walked the area of the sea became abandoned. And now this sight is called the cemetery of forsaken ships. But despite, having chosen the Aral Sea tour you would stay satisfied because the landscape of the Aral Sea is indescribable and the tour program is diverse: from taking pictures against the background of ships or visiting the fish cannery to fishing and sunbathing.

Uzbekistan is a sunny land full of warmth and light. That is why, having visited Uzbekistan you would stock up heart cordiality and good mood for the whole year. And really, the amount of sunny days in a year is more than 320. Such a warm climate favorably effect on growing fruits and vegetables. Just amaze Uzbek sweet juicy fruits and not less tasty vegetables, cultivated under the sun and always blue sky. Having enjoyed the fruits of this land of plenty you would not only feel the aroma of ripe fruits and vegetables, but fill your organism with useful vitamins, because Uzbek fruits and vegetables are natural.

The culture of Uzbekistan is one of the brightest and original in Central Asia region. The traditions of the Uzbek art include creative works of folk masters, craftsmen passing their skills from one generation to another. The main types of traditional Uzbek arts and crafts are ceramics, weaving, carpet weaving, embroidery, engraving on copper, jewelry, gold embroidery, carving, painting on wood and ganch.

Having come to Uzbekistan you should certainly visit the centers of national trade. Each area or region has its national peculiar style and special features. And you at the same time will be able not only to watch the process of making things, but take home the little part of Uzbekistan, having bought a nice souvenir.

And of cause one of the reasons why you should visit Uzbekistan is cordiality of local people. People of Uzbekistan are sociable and open, ready to invite you home after ten minutes of acquaintance. Amazingly kind, generous and hospitable people live in Uzbekistan.

Here are several reasons why you will eager to have a trip to Uzbekistan. And if you have already been in this wonderful country, you will surely want to come back one more time, but as an experienced tourist, who would deeply familiarize with the mentality of this surprising country - Uzbekistan.

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